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10 Tips To Start Utilizing Instagram For Business The Right Way

    Instagram connects a lot of people in the world, but for business, you have to be more tactful, and with that in mind you have 150 characters that you give to express what you are about to the online world. So, one of the unique aspects that Instagram has is that you can have one link in your profile so you could use this web link to point out your blog, your landing page, your marketing funnel or campaign presented in any other sort. Now you know when they say:

    #1. You Only Have 10 Seconds to Make an Impression

    Well, it’s a lot faster on Instagram. The first 5 seconds when someone screens your Instagram profile will pretty much determine weather or not they want to keep reading or looking through your profile. So instead of writing your life story in one paragraph try spacing out each sentence along with using text symbols to attract your audience’s attention

    #2. Track your traffic with link shorteners

    Once you gain traffic into your profile, you should be tracking your click metrics for your campaigns. It is one of an essential aspect of being a marketer because you’re going to need these metrics and analytics to know if your strategy is effective.
    Now a link shortener service I would recommend is goo.gl or bit.ly. Both are doing the same job, and for me, it’s a matter of personal preference on which you are going to bet. Both are free to use. They tracks click count, a time when the clicks happened, the location of the users the devices they use and others. Both have very friendly user interfaces.

    We recommend that each time you change your campaign, and you want to switch to a different landing page you will create a separate short link, so you can keep your tracking clean and neat.

    This approach gives you the power to execute A/B split testing in your campaigns so you can make data driven decision and not only shoot in the dark trusting your intuition.

    #3. Utilize Instagram Hashtags and Trends

    Picture of smiley face painted with different emoji icons

    The third tip I have for you is to take advantage of hashtags and trends. You should utilize Instagram explorer to find what is the down-low in the community, and it’s kind similar to Facebook and Twitter trends you can take advantage of thousands upon thousands of people that are looking through these hashtags this is pretty much free traffic for your brand. So, if some of these trend tags are relevant to your brand or your personal account, make sure to add them to a new post, or you can make posts that revolve around that tag and actually right now another trend hoping on IG is emoji. Interestingly you could even search emojis through the site’s explorer and search page. Other users are using them in a search. Hence you will want to add them in your posts if suitable.

    #4 Max Videos and Photos Into Your Profile

    Every niche is different, but make sure if it’s suitable to use videos. The goal is to mix the two content types: videos and photos. Since 2013, Instagram added video features to the app, and the site is primarily used for visual story telling and as marketers or people who are just promoting their business we could use these extensions to improve our online reputation and increase engagement with our users. Now, having the right balance of views and pictures through your content marketing can give it a fresh look to your audience it adds a little bit more of your brand authenticity you also have to consider the share-ability of your videos.

    According to Instagram videos are 3-5X more likely to be shared

    Having your videos representing your brand and products can gain its own following by only sharing them with their audiences as well.

    #5. Make Sure Your Posts are Share-Worthy

    Heaving captivating images with captions are a great way to increase engagement with your followers, while sticking with your brand ideology. When you’re taking striking graphics, and shareable content like an inspirational quote or short tips can drastically improve your Instagram campaigns.

    A great tool you can use to achieve this is called Canva. The app is very user-friendly and yet extremely useful to use when you make amazing images and graphics. You can easily drag and drop pictures, text and other supporting graphical elements. For some things, it can rival almost Photoshop but still be easy to use. The real power comes from the numerous templates that the app provides, so you will not need to think of every detail. There are professional designs that you can customize and turn them into a unique representation of your idea.

    #6. Use Social Tools To Optimize Your Time

    Not everyone has enough time to spend on social media as teenagers do, but there are tools that you can utilize to get on the same level of effectiveness as the larger brands on Instagram. A great tool to accomplish this is called HootSuite, which is social media marketing tools for mainly scheduling posts for your content marketing campaigns and app is also compatible with over 35 of the top social media sites on the Web. So you can diversify your impact with this awesome tool. You can schedule to the exact month, week, day or even the exact minute. The great thing is that you can make a sequence of numerous post, imagine that for a few hours you can automate your content posting for the next month, it’s pretty easy.

    #7. Utilize Sponsored Ads

    In the recent years, Facebook tested and released fully functional sponsored ads on Instagram. This option adds a new dimension for businesses to spread their reach because you can make pictures of videos posts that you know have high engagement into an ad and this way you can further expand your reach.

    IG’s User Interface is minimalistic, hence useful for marketing. Of course, this topic is very extensive, but it’s good for your to have sponsored ads in mind and consider them as a trump card when the right time comes.

    #8. Directing Users to Your Most Valuable Site Pages

    By utilizing your profile, bio link you can choose to direct the user to a permanent page such as your site home page, your last or most valuable blog posts or you can direct users straight to product or service page. The usage of your bio link is one of the most crucial components when it comes to traffic generation campaigns.

    #9. Build a Community Through Hashtags

    If you really thing about hash tags are search trend in social media space, creating a branded hashtag for your business would be an excellent way to increase engagement with your audience. Essentially you can create your own communication channel via hashtags. It’s not a quick process, but when done right it pays for the efforts. There are numerous tactics to do that, but they are beyond the scope of this guide. For a start, you can take a deeper look at the hashtag strategy of the big brands on Instagram.

    Remember that you have to “train” your followers to use your branded tags that is the primary goal.

    #10. Partner with Influencers

    Many famous Instagrammers make money with sponsorships, and you have to identify the most suitable power user depending on your product or service. To partner with influential figures, you have to inquire them to give you a shout out to your profile, use your product or speak about your service. It’s one of the older players in the book, but product placement is still very powerful today. We see it movies, magazines, TV shows and it’s definitely not going away anytime soon.

    Wrapping up

    In conclusion my friend there is no better way to raise business game up via social media than to be active on Instagram. These platform is constantly changing and making vast improvements so individual and business
    alike can get more out of it, if you need Instagram marketing professionals to join your team, just reach out to us. Remember IG is just another great source of traffic as well as brand awareness and recognition in the today’s Internet. And, at last, to succeed online you’re going to need to diversify your streams of traffic for maximum exposure for your business.

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