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We are small, versatile and very busy team, that's why we are not publicly disclosing our phone numbers at the moment. Of course if you really need to have a conversation with us, and have a serious project running, contact us via email, so we can schedule a call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even though our service is very simple, here are some typical questions we receive.

1How Many New Followers Will I gain?
Our clients can see new followers increase from few hundreds to few thousands a month. Our record for a pretty unpopular accounts under 500 follwers is 9763 new followers for the first month. The speed varies based on your niche and content. We do not force other Instagram users to follow you, nor do we give you fake followers, we simply manage engagement with real users. Our process allows extremely efficient organic growth.
2Will My Instagram Account Be Safe?
We have a 100% record! No client of ExplodeGram has ever lost their account due to our services. We built our tools with Instagram’s daily limits in mind, and have had zero issue with our process. Just don’t engage at a high level on your own, or use any third party auto-like/follow apps or programs.
3Why You Need My Instagram Account Login Detail?
We need to login to your account in order to manage it, there is no other way around it. Keep in mind that we only need the login details (email and password for the Instagram account only) not access to the email that you used while registering your account. This way you are the only one who owns the account. Also you can change the password anytime, but why would you need to do that when we provide such a great service :)
4Will This Generate Sales And Conversations For My Business?
We can't guarantee you'll get sales - that depends on a number of things, like your website and the products and services you offer! However, we can guarantee we'll get you plenty of genuine followers - people who are actively interested in what you have to offer.
5Are Your Practices Legit?
Hell yes! We take our jobs very seriously, and we never violate Instagram's codes of practice. We won't supply you with fake followers, and we only ever use legal, 'above-board' methods. However, we can't be held responsible for any content you place on your Instagram page. That's your call... not ours.

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